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to one of the best clubs located in the heart of the downtown area of Orange, NJ! Whether you're looking for friends, looking to make new ones, searching for a variety of music or just for something new, you'll find it all at the PP (as it is commonly referred to by the regulars). We provide a great atmosphere to host your favorite party, meet friends after work, listen to jazz, dance the night way or just "relax". Just look to your right for a list of upcoming events. Visit often for schedule updates.

Private Place Lounge

We started out as your neighborhood local pub, over the years we've transitioned into an exciting full entertainment venue that provides numerous activities to keep you coming back for more while still maintaining our original hospitality.

To learn more about us and what we offer, head on over to our "Get To Know Us" page by clicking here.

For those interested in musicians, their history or commentator comments, you will enjoy reading JJ's Newsletters.

Our gallery provides photos of the various artists that perform at the Private Place Lounge.

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